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January 24 2018

No boom without foreign workers: business

Walker Wayland Australasia member firm, Visa Solutions Australia, has commented in an article on skills shortages in Australia in online publication, The Australian.

“Visa Solutions Australia managing director Dan Engles said demand from WA companies for overseas labour was now stronger than at any time in the past four years and he predicted a skills shortage in the next few years.

Mr Engles, whose Perth-based firm arranges visas for people to work in Australia, said demand had increased recently as the economy picked up.

Skills that were needed included drillers, petroleum operators, marine surveyors and technicians, but these had all been removed at the federal level from eligibility for skilled migration.

‘I’ve seen two or three cycles now,” he said. “When it takes off, it takes off rapidly and then governments do their best to catch up.'”

Read the full article here.

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